Masking :

Coloured vellum, scarlet or crimson cloth, which was placed on bearing plates.

Master key :

Key that opens several locks. The oldest was first documented in 1547 in the accounts of the King's residences. Henri II had had three large locks fitted to the door of the chamber of Diane de Poitiers. These opened with "the key carried by the King, which worked everywhere".

Mortise lock :

Lock whose casing is entirely embedded in the edge of the door. Particularly used on lids or carved doors.

Plating :

Operation that consists of coating items in nickel, silver or gold. The iron can be plated with a stove enamel, a black enamel or an oxide.
Copper and bronze are coated with a scumble patina, gold enamel or with a brown/green bronze.
The gold plating can be carried out in a bath, by galvanising, or with mercury, by scumbling with an amalgam of gold and mercury, spread with a copper tool called a "scratch brush".